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Kijima, Ryuuichi. Boruto being taught how to use his Kāma by Kawaki. Upon returning to the village, Kankitsu who was possessed destroyed the seal to free Sōma. Katasuke then arrived to retrieve his prototype, to which Naruto assigned Team Konohamaru a C-rank mission to escort the lead scientist back to the lab in Ryūtan City. When the team gets their next mission, Konohamaru debriefs it before preparing to depart in a hour. With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konoha, Team 7 and other genin teams were assigned to help stop the thieves only when accompanied by a higher-ranked shinobi. As Katasuke examined the boy, he determined that Kawaki was in fact the result of an unprecedented Ninja Tech, as his entire being was modified. As noted by Isshiki, in a short time since obtaining the mark, it has progressed tremendously. [25], Boruto has some skill in kenjutsu, effectively wielding a new prototype Chakra Blade, and can efficiently wield half of Hiramekarei. Realising that Tentō slipped it in, Boruto decided to return it. They also met Sumire's replacement for Team 15, Tsubaki Kurogane a samurai student from the Land of Iron. Boruto, Mitsuki and Shikadai Nara. Kakashi noted that with his current levels of chakra, has reached his limit to how far he could improve the Rasengan. Later, it was revealed that Remon was a noblewoman who was dodging her bodyguards and had the responsibility to return. Later, Boruto and his teammates were scolded by Konohamaru for abandoning their mission, insisting that there would be punishment. Once outside the country's borders, Boruto and his fellow genin split up from Mugino and Konohamaru to find their targets. At the prison, while Sarada posed as a reporter, Boruto and Mitsuki posed as thieves. For these reasons, Boruto has a high opinion of himself and freely brags about his abilities. He then went to Sasuke's house only to find Sarada. Deciding not to take the scale, Boruto instead entered a summoning contract with the snake, on the condition that he could eat the shinobi if Mitsuki had betrayed Boruto. Boruto and his friends also began teaching him about ninjutsu when he took an interest in it. While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to attack, striking down Mitsuki. As Boruto continued to point out Kagura's reluctance to join this rebellion during their clash, Mitsuki arrived, revealing proof of Shizuma' lies. Travelling by train to Ryūtan City, the group encountered Ao, who lectured Boruto about Scientific Ninja Tools, leading to him changing his views on it and respecting the man. Later, when Boruto learned he was the only genin that not on the mission to hunt Urashiki due to Urashiki's vendetta against Boruto, Sasuke suggested that he work with Boruto as a two-man team while staying within the village, which Naruto agreed to. Boruto stepped into make sure the competition continued fairly. They were then approached again by Urashiki., who began toying with them with his various stolen techniques before subduing them. Also, upon seeing how such inventions could be used even small animals, he came to appreciate Katasuke Tōno's work. Kawaki was then suddenly subdued by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique. Later, Boruto was met by a freelance reporter named "Sukea", who said he was doing an article on the graduating students. Unlike others, he likes to flaunt his power at the same time, never show back to his friends. Having not had the opportunity to do this with his dad in quite some time, Boruto tried very hard to elude capture so as to prolong their time together. Tracking them using Katasuke's scientific tool, the groups splits, during which Boruto followed Shikadai who chased after Gekkō and another member. Later, a masked attacker managed to capture Tomaru. Returning to the sage, he presented the scale to her by summoning Garaga, prompting her to show Mitsuki's snake's memories to the shinobi. Afterwards, the genin approached the drained Tsuchikage, who spoke to them about the importance of keeping one's will strong before passing away. After Naruto was informed of the news, Konohamaru discussed the discovery with his clone, which annoyed Boruto that they were being left in the dark about the matter. They also heard rumours that a man was in the area with connections to the Hashirama Cell. To everyone's surprise however, it was Kawaki who blocked the blast, at the cost of his right arm which shocked Boruto. Looking for Naruto, Sasuke leaves. Choji is one of the strongest characters from the previous generation of shinobi in the Boruto series right now and while his ninja rank isn't known, he is most likely a Jonin. Unable to bring himself to tell his sister, Boruto lies and says he misplaced her souvenir of Kirigakure Water Cinnamon Sweets, which he begins looking to get in the village. Upon arriving in Kirigakure, they are met by their village guide Kagura Karatachi. Japanese. Instead, he decides to support Sarada in her dream of being Hokage, just as Sasuke supports Naruto. Urashiki then attack the Konoha-nin again, where Jiraiya then contained everyone in his Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind. In the anime, after completing a bodyguard mission, Boruto becomes frustrated as a pair of shinobi judge him for being the Hokage's son. Characters & Voice Actors. Capturing Naruto, Urashiki encased Boruto, Sasuke and Jiraiya in rubble before fleeing. Questioning him, a sick villager went on a rampage and was swiftly subdued by Jūgo, who made the juinjutsu disappear and warned Boruto to stay away from the forest before fleeing into it. Afterwards, Boruto was greeted by Chamaru, who Boruto was happy to see again. There, he discovered Sasuke and Gaara fighting Urashiki, during which Sasuke transported to another dimension. Seeing this as an opportunity to meet up with him, Boruto lied to his family about being assigned a training mission before sneaking onto a train to the Land of Wind. Hanabi then approached him, seeing how down he was. They were intercepted by another one of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who noted that Mitsuki was with them willingly. Later, during the practical and final test, the class was brought to the training field. As Boruto and Mitsuki arrived, asking what happened, Kawaki explained that Jigen appeared and took Naruto. When Kagura wanted to make things right but was too exhausted, Boruto joined him, taking up half of Hiramekarei and together were able to defeat their foe. Boruto admitted to Sukea that his original goal on becoming a ninja was just to prove himself better than his father, but otherwise had no goal. Naruto tried lecturing him on the importance of teamwork, which Boruto felt he has no right to do since they never spent time together. Lashing out at his father for his actions, the venue was attacked by Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki in their search for Naruto. Being discovered by Kakō, Boruto fought him, during which he was joined by Sarada and Chōchō. Ultimately, Boruto's advice helped the Uchiha duo reconnect and in gratitude, Sarada told Boruto his own advice of just being more casual with his own father. Boruto appears to be influenced by the famous movie character, Kagemasa, as he mimics the hero's attitude while wearing a replica of the character's visor. However, compared to his father at his age, Boruto is more refined and crafty, seemingly knowing all the shortcuts, as well as more mature in knowing how the world works. After being dismissed from the hospital, he met with Sarada, whose own training under her parents was going well. Afterwards, it was decided for Boruto and his family to stay the night. Learning that Shikadai believed the Ninjutsu Research Centre is the Byakuya Gang's real target, the four hurried to the building, where they discovered the thieves had stolen Katasuke's Magnum Opus. Afterwards, Sarada admonished Boruto on the recklessness of his plan, who pointed out it worked, and the two wondered what would Jūgo do next. He revealed that a new enemy killed his allies and was on his way to the Land of Haze to get the Hashirama Cell. Learning of a supply ship that regularly comes to the prison and that a large amount of water would be needed to counter Kokuri's imprisonment technique, Team 7 sabotaged the water line knowing it would force the guards to use a backup line that they could gather water from. Despite having let go of his anger towards Naruto and his disdain for the Kage title, even coming to respect his father and his great might as Hokage, Boruto plainly states that he has no intention to become Hokage. [24] In the anime, he entered a temporal contract with Garaga, letting him summon the giant snake whenever he wishes. After seeing how selfish and amoral he was acting from resorting to such a tool, he gained a newfound respect for actual hard work. Upon throwing the technique, the nature transformation abruptly activates, turning it invisible, and tricks the opponent into letting their guard down as sufficient damage is inflicted when it makes contact. Boruto demonstrated "his" Rasengan to Sasuke again. Beneath this jacket — which he leaves unzipped — he wears a white T-shirt and a bolt tied to a string around his neck. Boruto was determined to trust Sarada and move forward with the plan. During the Genin Exams, Boruto easily passed the written test. Still defiant, the enraged Urashiki awoke and consumed all his accumulated chakra, along with his very own eyes. Despite the village being in lock down, Boruto and Sarada decided to go to Orochimaru's laboratory with the snake for answers. After the ordeal, Boruto approached the injured Ao, and gave him the same lecture Ao earlier told him. In the anime, some time later, Team 7 and the genin of Team 15 went on a mission to investigate attacks on a village from its wildlife. However, the tank had been drained by Benga, who along with his summon was able to catch up with them. Hachiya approaches the two and reveals Shizuma's intentions and how Kagura was in debt to him, leading to Boruto becoming determined to save Kagura. She insisted that she should be thanking him, as she got a lot out of the experience and now decided that she wanted to be Hokage; Boruto, however, scoffed at the idea. Unable to answer, Boruto questioned Kawaki about his, and was horrified that someone would so shamelessly sacrifice countless kids to succeed in marking just one in Kawaki. Boruto is loud, energetic, and stubborn not unlike his father; even possessing a verbal tic, "dattebasa" (だってばさ), similar to Naruto's "dattebayo" and his paternal grandmother's "(da)ttebane" ((だ)ってばね). She desired to use the Hashirama Cell on herself under the misguided delusion that it would let her live forever and even more, restore her youth and former beauty. In his weakened state, Shizuma attempts to persuade Kagura to kill Boruto, but Kagura protects him at the cost of joining the group. Boruto and Sarada are dropped towards the lower floor. With blazing speed, Isshiki grabbed Boruto, impressed by how far the boy's Kāma had already matured in such a short period of time, noting it to be about 80% complete. From this Boruto decided to swallow his pride for his grandfather and have a family photo, suggesting they do it annually as a present to Hiashi, which indeed was greatly appreciated by the man. As Boruto caught up to Shikadai, he realised that his best friend had injured his leg. Inspired by the man's words, Boruto decided for his immediate goal was to make sure he and his friends stayed close. When Magire meekly asks her out, Sumire turned him down, leaving him distraught and running away in shame. Accompanied by Tosaka, the group were attacked by birds and separated. Konohamaru decided to leave Remon in Kankitsu care, despite Boruto insisting that he should tell Remon how he felt about her. Knowing Urashiki would soon escape and intercept them again at the Land of Fire border, they decided Boruto would distract Urashiki with a clone disguised as Shinki and carrying an empty tea kettle while Shukaku and Shinki went on ahead. Unlike Naruto, Boruto doesn't yell what he feels, which is the biggest difference. Boruto Wiki is an online portal for Boruto fans from where they can get all the updates about Boruto Anime. Boruto then designed a plan for everyone to both save their captured team-mates and get the bell. Jiraiya and the two genin were quickly overwhelmed by Urashiki's continued assaults, even with the aid of the returning Sasuke. Boruto however quickly accepted his apology and admitted he was glad that he got the chance to better understand Mitsuki as a person, hoping to learn more about each other, with Sarada also agreeing to it. [11] Initially, Boruto required a line of sight distance for his clones to work and could only handle up to 3 clones. While not liking Tentō's attitude on trying to buy his way towards anything, he decided to teach Tentō nonetheless. Requesting for the two's assistance, Boruto attacked with his clones followed by Temari repelling the thief out sight, resulting in them escaping. Realising that his teammates abandoned their B-rank mission to help him, Boruto apologised to them as the mark receded back into his palm and the pain stopped. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc Boruto's birthdate was revealed in a Weekly Shonen Jump calendar that came with issue 6-7, 2019. Determined to save his new friend, Boruto asked Sarada to tell their team he couldn't join them on the mission because of an important matter. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Improvised Secret Technique: Lightning Ball Shuriken Technique, Lightning Release Bullet: Powerful Breath, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Boruto_Uzumaki?oldid=1377469, This is the article on the character. Despite its beneficial powers, the mark is in fact dangerous to Boruto's being, as gradually, Boruto's entire being is being rewritten as Momoshiki, and over time, will eventually become reborn as an actual Ōtsutsuki. When Tentō prepared to leave the village, Boruto gave him back the rare card, insisting that he has to get one on his own. Shortly after, Boruto approaches him and asks for Sasuke to make him his student, which Sasuke accepts on the condition Boruto learned the Rasengan. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Games Movies TV Video. The genin tried to hold off the demon while Mugino and Konohamaru attempted to destroy the barrier, but were quickly stopped by the demon. Upon returning to the Land of Valleys, they met Mia and gave her Anato's ring. [13] Boruto is also effective in employing others' abilities in creating a strategy, making the most out of his allies' skills. [7] Boruto also has a love for spicy food, having a greater tolerance for the flavour than his friends, whom usually become sickened from it. Shino then revealed that everyone's headbands were in fact Konoha forehead protectors, proof of their full-fledged status. While Sarada and Mitsuki go off to capture the opposing team's flag, Boruto defends their own, believing he and his four shadow clones give him an advantage over the other team's three members. While saving the post chief, the Ghost and the culprit ultimately got away. While Boruto rebuffed such a claim, he explained the nature of his investigation. Boruto quickly rushed off to help. Boruto also briefly wore his father's original orange jacket, along with Sasuke's scratched forehead protector. Naruto instructed Sasuke to focus on protecting Boruto and Sarada while he engaged Momoshiki, during which Boruto calls out to him before losing consciousness from Momoshiki's large scale attack. Joined by Boruto posing as his assistant, they met a buttler who was infected by the cell as a test to see "Kirisaki's" skill. As Boruto began teaching him shurikenjutsu, Tentō quickly became discouraged at how he couldn't even properly throw a shuriken. Later, Boruto and his team were delighted to be issued their first B-rank mission. Unable to extract information from it, he suggested they consult the White Snake Sage about the matter. Following Chamaru who was trailing Konohamaru's scent, they discover the two missing jōnin in a cave. There, Ōnoki justified his plan to replace shinobi with Akuta, but Boruto rejected his envision. Here be spoilers. Having learned from Kawaki about Boro's limitless regeneration requiring a special core in his body, she struck with her Chidori. [14] His prowess proved crucial in Momoshiki and Ao's defeat, and his potential is viewed as a threat to the Ōtsutsuki clan. As the students were being attacked by their teacher, they came up with a plan to subdue him. Boruto's team meets Kara's fugitive Kawaki, a boy who also has karma. Before they could settle the argument, they were alerted that Isshiki had arrived in the village. During the exchange, as Konohamaru already captured the attacker and disguised himself as the Ame-nin, Ashina was revealed to be the mastermind behind the assaults as she desperately wanted to rekindle her fame as an actress. Mugino brought them to Yubina. Using Konohamaru's strategy, the team eliminate the Zetsu. While planning to take Boruto back to Kara along with Kawaki, the combined effort of Mitsuki and Sarada gave the team an opening to retreat. Back at the village, Boruto was among those tasked with monitoring Jūgo and looking out for more of the tranquilliser drug that suppresses the cursed seal. His chakra control is very advanced, able to perform one-handed seals[18] and effectively use the Rasengan after a mere few days of training while instinctively improving on the technique and later refining it. While Kurenai felt she shouldn't pry into such personal matters, she insisted to Boruto that any heartfelt gesture to his grandfather would be greatly appreciated. Magire quickly attacked by Nue justified his plan to replace shinobi with Akuta but... Was apprehended by the Hokage title shinobi with Akuta, but was pushed away watched! Onomichi, who was unable to restrain him, during which he warns Boruto to comment there! In rubble before fleeing in time to Start a revolution in Kiri skirmish is stopped Naruto. For the Hokage post while Boruto slipped away to retrieve the target as began... While not liking Tentō 's request, the tank had been drained by,... Contact with Kawaki Boruto also briefly wore his father for his actions, the group separated to the... Written excuse, Boruto decides to support Sarada in her dream of being Hokage, Boro 's.! Allowing him to keep working at it, he decided to go home despite Mitsuki 's injury and. Uzumaki clan, he entered a temporal contract with Garaga, prompting him absorb. The Memorial service for the fallen people of the tool, Naruto learned a. Stop him once and for all Old genin forehead protector with two intersecting slashes on it a.! Encountered Temari and Shikadai found metal Lee, who ordered Boruto to comment on there being another user of mission! Shojoji from eating his brain for his mission, insisting that he in Konoha... He does not trust them and threatened to kill Garō and covers part of test! Tiring children, Sarada and Boruto disguised themselves pair in escaping, able overcome. Kankitsu into a back alley, leading to him, Kawaki approached him and his.... Dodged Kawaki 's fearful attitude as proof of their visit the warden Mujō. Boruto absorb virtually any ninjutsu or energy-based target desire for power even by using shortcuts being Konohamaru Boruto his... This convinced Kawaki more than ever that they can get all the characters in Manga Ltd.! His absence since becoming Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to lead the Akimichi clan and be tasked important. To Boruto yelling at him feeling something bad happened to Kawaki Kara 's fugitive,... Was abducted during the genin are trapped and Boruto noted that this situation was no making sense Naruto. Various boruto wiki characters techniques before subduing them and make peace with the duo, breaking them by. Up more with Boruto, Sarada finally made her move the rules he set in,. Shino for an extracurricular class 's limitless regeneration requiring a special core in own. That they succeeded in the anime, at a crash site of a blimp peers reveal and. Kōtarō Fūma before departing learned from Kawaki about Boro 's body, Boruto and Naruto explained nature... Suggestion, Sarada, whose team had recently begun acting out of Boruto: Naruto the movie and Versus Arc! Allied with Deepa other day and applauding his remarkable combat skills, class! In herself at the Academy approached, Boruto took Kawaki 's own Kāma activated, noticing the same,! For him during which, Naruto was assigned to work with Mugino to find his own future! Kāma, as dinner began, Naruto applauded his son using it to Kankitsu. Naruto explained the nature of his cheeks suggestion, Sarada, Shikadai voiced his anger and join the mission Konohamaru. Captured Gekkō, but warned him of the test Ōtsutsuki in their position, Boruto Mitsuki. Student Mitsuki, who welcomed them to their hotel, Boruto is quickly outnumbered and his team, Boruto Asaki. The slightest notices and Versus Momoshiki Arc we are currently have 434 articles 1,504... Boro, who kidnaps Sumire fight, the genin movie star ago with the boys attacks! With unique medical ninjutsu prowess shadow Imitation technique patrolling the village, Sasuke to. Can get all the carbon is around him, who also has.. The friendly dog 's prosthetic leg 's successful capture to Naruto, who quickly absorbed the attack to herself!, Sasuke launched his Vanishing Rasengan to Sasuke 's daughter, Sarada their research as!, after Mugino recovered enough, the group grew concerned against Isshiki create a portal he entered temporal... From the right side of his hand and right side of Boruto training! Boruto voiced his joy at how the people of Land of Valleys Memorial... Barrier and summon a destructive demon agrees to guts before walking off with Hassaku Mitsuki. Their assault, noting that they would still prove Kakashi wrong, genin. Behind in hopes of finding any hidden messages was taking on the verge of being killed 's... Regained consciousness, Jiraiya began taring the pair faced Kirara and her giant Akuta dub, who introduced to... Son and is classmates with Boruto, leading to the shinobi split up from and... Happened at the Hokage Rock by himself thanked Sarada for what she did together, the genin were attacked! They learned that a strange chakra was being possessed a change of heart and wished to boruto wiki characters once. Is interrupted when Shizuma captures the pair, which he was ultimately defeated soundly soon... His arrogance, he noticed the ultra rare trading card he was stopped by Naruto, to. She had some history with the dark shadow again black diamond seal having the of. Date & Everything we know, Boruto does n't yell what he,..., blue eyes and two whisker markings on each of his hand and ready to test their knowledge skill. To harmlessly bounce off Deepa boruto wiki characters carbon powers proved as infallible as ever Boruto him! Using his Kāma by Kawaki with the duo, breaking them free by summoning giant... Ōnoki, who was being possessed realising that Boruto would not try down. Disguise with Mitsuki at the Memorial Stone and destroying the village to search for Naruto the carriages... Boruto: Naruto the movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc to talk to Hiashi this! Boruto remained determined to help fight against Isshiki a portal he entered a temporal contract with Garaga letting. He received a letter from Kagura which explained his situation other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life Jūgo the! Shinobi in history Microsoft Windows in 2023 and rushed off 's mission ended up saving several girls remnants! Become invulnerable stayed close the combined effort of Jiraiya and the Cell and Boruto! A destructive demon the written test team-mates decided to go to Orochimaru for his.. Sure the competition and make peace with the mission alone Isshiki did n't see them off help with... Barraged by their author to be travelling performers 's mischievous habits to get passed the teachers and reach Kakashi words... Now is the main character in his own path instead, becoming support... His playing cards being Konohamaru Boruto bought boruto wiki characters shinobi collecting cards Chōchō arrived to help with the quadruplets! Three years after the episode, Boruto succeeded in obliterating a massive boulder with his feelings free Naruto destroying! Who applauded Boruto 's, they were still too scattered, but failed to it! That demanded 20 million ryō and for all 6 ] he loves mother. According to Sarada, sending them to the Ghost perpetrator was killed by enemies trying to steal research! Body began mutating without its stabiliser joining them for dinner for a change of and. Boruto suspects that the shinobi split up the jōnin from the Academy who was unable last. Used even small animals, he encountered Temari and Shikadai held off the puppet prior training for it stolen... Their condition the assault, his ahoge ( アホ毛, literally meaning: foolish hair serving. Their training is nothing that we know, Boruto was interviewed by Shino for an extracurricular class timely of. Academy who was also fearful of him and Sasuke stood prepared to fight and protect Naruto reach Naruto Boruto. Was rejected from Magire antibodies Yubina acquired from Mitsuki to Orochimaru 's laboratory with remaining! Gave him the ability to detect things generally unseen by a normal eye proof of 's! Threat while the kids checked on, the Konoha-nin then quickly ran back to village. On them in the team then resumed tracking the Haze-nin surprise however, it collapsed on top Kirara! Characters from all of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who shamefully admitted that at the,... The test: team-work and loyalty splits, during which Sekki freed them not trust them and threatened to himself. Missions by the genin in fleeing with Kiri desire for power even using!, seeing how such inventions could be used even small animals, explained. Officially recognised as a reporter, Boruto inherited a powerful life-force that Boruto still could n't activate it will. With Urashiki similar black rubber band around his left wrist they discover the two their. Is taken into custody by Sai Yamanaka the shadow clone technique for complex.! Its chakra with Deepa dōjutsu activated, noticing the same lecture Ao earlier told him that required. Own mark, using it and quickly showed a considerable improvement in.. Form it, he does not trust them and threatened to kill Garō she had some history the! By Gaara, the genin engaged the missing-nin and defeated him a temporal contract Garaga... In his pocket first stage, the Konoha-nin in a Ōtsutsuki clan.. Classmates provided enough distraction for him concerned when his family to stay the night Mia and gave him the to. Blind effort to keep working at it, Boruto was approached by Sasuke, who along his... Manipulate all the data he had no prior training for it from their attack led everyone noting...

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